Intraday Stock Future Package

Accuracy – Upto 100% (In Terms of Profit)
100% Intraday operator based calls.No overnight position
Monthly 18-20 Intraday calls
Purely FII Based calls

Positional stock future premium plan

Each call consist of 1 target and 1 Stop loss.
Maximum 1 open positions at a time.
Proper follow-ups and Market News Updates.
We provide our Clients very good accuracy in this service.

Operator BTST/STBT Plan

This service is suitable for traders who looks to gain from mkt opening in the following day, You will be provided 3-4 calls per week, Calls will be provided via SMS, or via email. We are here to help you.

14-Sep-17 SIEMENS Buy 1370 1410 1350 1000 Booked At 1398 28000
13-Sep-17 IOC SELL 435 415 445 3000 Target Hit 60000
12-Sep-17 ACC Buy 1816 1840 1800 800 Target Hit 19200
11-Sep-17 JUBLFOODFUTS Buy 1402 1442 1390 1000 Target Hit 40000
11-Sep-17 TECHM Buy 433.5 442 426 2200 Booked At 439 12100
11-Sep-17 BAJAJFINSV Buy 5620 5715 5550 250 Target Hit 23750
08-Sep-17 IGL Buy 1320 1347 1305 1100 Target Hit 29700
08-Sep-17 IOC Buy 434 444 428 3000 Booked At 438 12000
07-Sep-17 CESC SELL 1063.65 1043.65 1069.9 2200 Booked At 1053.50 22330
07-Sep-17 NBCC Buy 211.75 215.75 209.75 6000 Booked At 213.50 10500
06-Sep-17 ADANIENT SELL 130.6 128.6 131.85 16000 Booked At 129.25 21600
05-Sep-17 JISLJALEQS Buy 99.5 101.5 98.5 9000 Target Hit 36000
05-Sep-17 SUNTV Buy 823.5 843.5 813.5 1000 Booked At 838 29000
04-Sep-17 IOC SELL 441.5 431.5 447.5 1500 Booked At 432.5 27000
01-Sep-17 RELCAPITAL Buy 822.5 837.5 816.5 1500 Booked At 620 45000
31-Aug-17 TITAN Buy 614.5 628 606.5 1500 Booked At 620 8250
30-Aug-17 HEROMOTO Buy 3983 4033 3933 200 Booked At 4005 4400
29-Aug-17 HINDZINC Buy 288 295 284 3200 Closed AT 286 -6400
28-Aug-17 CESC Buy 1000.5 1018 995 1100 Booked At 1011.30 11880
24-Aug-17 JUBLFOOD Buy 1387 1407 1370 500 TARGET HIT 10000
23-Aug-17 INDUSINDBANK Buy 1643 1673 1623 600 Booked At 1663 12000
22-Aug-17 CENTURYTEX SELL 1218 1188 1230 550 TARGET HIT 16500
21-Aug-17 SUNTV SELL 735 705 755 1000 Booked At 726 9000
21-Aug-17 JUBLFOOD Buy 1410 1460 1370 500 Booked At 1430 10000
18-Aug-17 No Call
17-Aug-17 HEXAWARE Buy 268 280 260 3000 Booked At 274.50 19500
16-Aug-17 BHARATFORGE Buy 1188 1220 1170 600 Booked At.1203 9000
14-Aug-17 IOC Buy 416.5 430 406 1500 Booked At 422.50 9000
11-Aug-17 BHARTI AIRTEL SELL 419.5 405 427.5 1700 Booked At 412 12750
10-Aug-17 PETRONET SELL 206.3 200 211 3000 Booked At 200.01 18600
09-Aug-17 ADANIPORTS SELL 417 397 421 2500 Booked At 400 42500
08-Aug-17 No Call
07-Aug-17 IGL Buy 1198 1230 1178 550 Booked At 1219 11550
04-Aug-17 No Call
03-Aug-17 TATACOMM Sell 659 641 668 700 TARGET HIT 12600
02-Aug-17 ACC Buy 1755.8 1793.8 1731.8 400 Booked At 1776 8080
01-Aug-17 GRASIM Buy 1087.1 1114.1 1068.1 750 Booked At 1101 10425
28-Jul-17 JUBLFOOD Buy 1298.95 1349.95 1268.95 500 Booked At 1316 8525
27-Jul-17 TATAMOTERDVR Sell 268 263 271.5 2100 Booked At 263.70 9030
27-Jul-17 CESC Buy 906.25 926.25 892.25 1100 Booked At 912 6325
26-Jul-17 M & M Buy 1395.7 1419.7 1379.7 500 Booked At 1410 7150
24-Jul-17 SOUTHBANK Buy 28.85 29.55 28.2 33141 Booked At 29.35 LATER TGT DONE 16570.5
21-Jul-17 PCJEWELLER Buy 256.05 265.55 250.55 3000 Booked At 259.60 10650
20-Jul-17 FEDERALBANK Buy 116.95 119.25 114.95 11000 BOOKED AT 118.20 LATER TGT DONE 13750
19-Jul-17 JPASSOCIATES Buy 22.55 24.25 21.55 68000 Booked At 23.60 68000
19-Jul-17 MCX Buy 1114.1 1139.1 1094.1 500 Exited at 1112 -1000
18-Jul-17 CANFIN Buy 3240.2 3340 3195.2 250 Booked At 3260 5000
18-Jul-17 VOLTAS Buy 485.2 496.2 477.2 2000 Booked At 487.20 4000
17-Jul-17 CENTURYTEXT Buy 1143.65 1169.45 1127.65 550 BOOKED AT 1153 LATER TGT DONE 5142
17-Jul-17 PEL Buy 2913.45 2985 2875 300 2950 10965
14-Jul-17 BANKINDIA Buy 142.8 146.8 141.8 6000 Target Hit 24000
14-Jul-17 ORIENTBANK Buy 150.2 153.2 148.9 6000 Booked At 152 10800
13-Jul-17 ICICIBANK Buy 296.25 304.75 290.75 2750 Booked At 299.70 9487
13-Jul-17 L&TFIN Buy 151.25 155.75 147.75 4500 Booked At 154 12375
12-Jul-17 INFRATEL Buy 407.1 418 401.65 1700 Booked At 417 17000
11-Jul-17 ICICIPRU Buy 490 505 484 1300 Booked At 500 13000
11-Jul-17 TATAGLOBAL Sell 171.2 167.45 172.8 4500 Booked At 168.10 14400
10-Jul-17 AMBUJA Buy 253.5 259.65 251.55 2500 Booked At 256 6250
7-Jul-17 TITAN Buy 529.35 538.35 526.5 1500 Target Hit 15000
6-Jul-17 MARUTI Buy 7405 7495 7385 150 Target Hit 13500
4-Jul-17 HEXAWARE Buy 240 245 238 3000 Booked At 244 12000
3-Jul-17 JSPL Buy 125.5 128.45 124.1 4500 Target Hit 13275
1-Jun-17 KSCL Buy 590 615 584 1500 Booked At 610 30000
2-Jun-17 AUROPHARMA Buy 580 600 570 800 Booked At 596.50 13200
5-Jun-17 BIOCON Buy 965.8 960 429.85 900 Target Hit 12000
6-Jun-17 RECLTD Buy 435 442 430 1500 Target Hit 10500
8-Jun-17 TITAN Sell 496 490 501 1200 Target Hit 12000
9-Jun-17 GODREJIND Sell 637 627 642 1500 Target Hit 15000
12-Jun-17 VEDL Sell 248.5 242.5 250.55 3500 Booked At 244.50 14000
13-Jun-17 ADANIENT Buy 133.7 135.6 132.45 8000 Booked At 135 10400
14-Jun-17 CANBK Buy 345 349.45 343.7 3084 Stop Loss 13723
16-Jun-17 CENTURYTEXT Buy 1090 1115 1079 550 Booked At 541.50 13750
20-Jun-17 VOLTAS Sell 475 478 468 2000 Booked At 470 12000
21-Jun-17 HINDZINC Sell 254.5 250.5 256.15 3200 Target Hit 12800
22-Jun-17 TATA STEEL Sell 522.5 515.85 525.75 2000 Booked At 516.50 12000
23-Jun-17 CESC Sell 884 872 889 1100 Target Hit 13200
27-Jun-17 CANBK Sell 330 320 333 3084 Booked At 326 12336
28-Jun-17 TATA STEEL Buy 513 520 509 2000 Booked At 518 12000
29-Jun-17 VEDL Buy 246 250 243 3500 Booked At 249.35 15000
2-May-17 BPCL Buy 731 741 726 1200 Target Hit 12000
4-May-17 EXIDEIND Buy 225.45 230 223.45 4000 Booked At 229 14200
5-May-17 VOLTAS Sell 426.7 420.7 429.85 2000 Target Hit 12000
8-May-17 DHFL Buy 435 442 430 1500 Target Hit 10500
9-May-17 UPL Buy 807 817 800 1200 Target Hit 12000
10-May-17 TITAN Buy 471 479 466 1500 Target Hit 12000
11-May-17 ARVIND Sell 420.75 412.75 423.75 2000 Booked At 415.75 10000
12-May-17 DCBBANK Sell 195.55 191.55 197.05 4500 Booked At 193.05 11250
15-May-17 DHFL Sell 430 420 434 1500 Stop Loss -6000
16-May-17 KSCL Sell 549 539 553 1500 Booked At 541.50 11250
17-May-17 ZEEL Buy 519 529 514 1300 Booked At 525 7800
18-May-17 TATACHEM Sell 635.2 625.2 639.2 1500 Target Hit 15000
19-May-17 ADANIENT Sell 123.5 121.5 125 8000 Target Hit 16000
22-May-17 UNIONBANK Sell 175 171 177 4000 Booked At 172.35 10600
23-May-17 TATA STEEL Sell 495 485 499.55 2000 Booked At 489.20 11600
25-May-17 VEDL Buy 226.8 230.8 224.8 3500 Booked At 229.80 10500
26-May-17 RELCAP Buy 590 585 600 1500 Target Hit 15000
29-May-17 TITAN Sell 493 497 483 1500 Booked At 486.30 10050
30-May-17 HAVELLS Buy 460 470 456 2000 Target Hit 20000
31-May-17 UPL Buy 855.5 870 849.2 1200 Booked At 867 13800
3-Apr-17 ARVIND Buy 404.4 409.45 401.4 2000 Target Hit 10000
5-Apr-17 TVSMOTOR Buy 439.8 448.8 436.8 2000 Target Hit 18000
6-Apr-17 SRF Sell 1671 1641 1685 500 Booked At 1651 10000
7-Apr-17 RELINFRA Sell 582 562 588 1300 Booked At 567 19500
10-Apr-17 BPCL Buy 685 700 680 1200 Target Hit 18000
11-Apr-17 RECLTD Buy 187 189.8 186.2 6000 Target Hit 16800
12-Apr-17 ZEEL Sell 543 531 549 1300 Target Hit 15600
17-Apr-17 RELINFRA Buy 561.8 571.8 555.8 1300 Booked At 571.45 12545
18-Apr-17 TATAMDVR Buy 279 285 276 2100 Stop Loss -6300
19-Apr-17 DHFL Buy 397.35 405.35 393.35 1500 Target Hit 12000
20-Apr-17 ENGINDIA Buy 167.5 172.85 165.8 3500 Target Hit 18725
24-Apr-17 ADANIENT Buy 148.65 150.65 147.9 8000 Target Hit 16000
25-Apr-17 AXISBANK Buy 505 515 498 1200 Target Hit 12000
Operator Hub


OPERATOR HUB is a fastest growing financial company from INDIA identified from the young brains of India who had a dream in Awaring investors for better investment where most people are beaten up by the market instead of beating the market.

OPERATOR HUB having strong relation and Tye-ups with top FIIS and FUND HOUSE of INDIA and ABROAD . And with an effort to provide you more & more profit in every trade. The best way to invest in stocks is by buying them before they are heavily promoted and hyped up in price. If you get into the stock at the early phase you could make a fortune. This company was purely created with a motive to provide fund based information to the people to earn from Indian stock market and to be your partner in investing in emerging India by adopting a correct strategy with discipline. We provide liquidity, safety and profitability.OPERATOR HUB is an investment consultative company which provides STOCK FUTURE tips . We are serving you the India’s best and perfect OPERATOR BASED Tips.

Power Intraday Trading

We believe in safe trading thereby we provide pure intraday Stock futures tips. Its been also proven by many books and Stock market Analysts that intraday trading is the safest mode of trading where you trade and book profit in intraday trades without depending on overnight positions.

Profit with Gurantee

We are India’s one of the best tips provider with more than 12 years of experience. We are giving you assured return in our packages, other service providers only shows huge profits on their performance sheet but they will never give Profit Assurance and Subscription Fee back offer.








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We have this culture of financialization

  • High AccuracyOPERATOR HUB Comprehensive daily specialized FUND HOUSE reports from OPERATORS AND FIIS and personal experience We Give 99% high accuracy.
  • Support 100%Available day and night, just a phone call away and with amazing response and delivery time you just cannot go wrong with our services.
  • Whatsapp SupportBeing A Smart Trader and ask any kind of Support on whatsapp also we are Available here add + 91-9958704085.
  • TrustTrust is the most important word for our company

Maintain Accuracy Level At Best: All Reports have very highly profit probability and give Profit to traders

At our company, we stress a more disciplined wealth management and financial planning process, and we back it up with a leading edge, integrated technology platform.

Our Team of Anytime Quality Support will provide a Nice Experience with Best Guidance from Time to Time by Our Support Team who works from 9 am to 11:30 pm

Trust is the most important word for our company. We have built our business around trust. More than any other reason that is why our customers are so loyal. We believe in Straight Talk. OPERATOR HUB is most trustable brand name in financial advisory league. People are used to refer our name to others just because of good service experience.

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